Clear Iphone Icloud data

Cloud Photo Library has been disabled on all your devices and new photos and videos are no longer uploading to iCloud.
There are currently 4632 photos and 1016 videos in your iCloud Photo Library
Original format, full resolution versions of your photos and videos are not stored on your devices. You must download your full resolution photos and videos to at least one device before they are deleted from iCloud Photo Library in 30 days.
To download your photos and videos to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8 or later:
1. Connect to a power source and Wi-Fi.
2. Go to settings, tap on your account, tap iCloud, and then select Photos.
3. Tap Download and Keep Originals.
If your library exceeds the storage space available on your device, you can download your photos and videos to your Mac or PC from
If you do not want iCloud Photo Library turned off, you can turn it right back on your iOS device:
1. Go to Settings and tap iCloud.
2. Select Storage and tap Manage Storage.
3. Select iCloud Photo Library and Undo Delete.
The iCloud Team